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CCJM Solutions: Professional Business Services for Healthcare Professionals

At CCJM Solutions, LLC., we are passionate about helping healthcare practices, hospitals, and other healthcare organizations reach their goals. We have over 20 years of experience providing business services for healthcare, such as developing business plans, policies and procedures, creating bespoke websites, and marketing. Our team of professionals is committed to providing the highest level of service to our clients. We understand the importance of creating effective and professional materials and branding to represent your brand's image, and we are excited about the possibility of developing these materials and meeting your specific needs.

Our Services

Business Plan Development

We offer comprehensive business plan development services for healthcare businesses. Our experienced consultants work with clients to create custom plans that are tailored to their unique goals and objectives. Our business plans include marketing, competitive analysis, and three (3) year financial projections. This comprehensive approach is designed to help our clients secure funding and move their business forward.

Custom Policy & Procedure Development with Forms &
Personnel Policy and Procedures

Our team of experienced professionals provide custom policy and procedure development services specifically tailored to the healthcare industry. We create unique and comprehensive policy and procedure manuals for each facility, and provide all the necessary forms and applications to run your business. Our services are available in every state in the U.S., so you can be sure that you have the right policy and procedure documents for your business.

Marketing Support

Our digital marketers can help manage your social media accounts, host online open houses, respond to customer inquiries in real-time, perform email and phone outreach,  and more.  Let us help you get your home filled with clients sooner.


At Business Services for Healthcare, our Consulting service provides comprehensive assistance to healthcare organizations and professionals. We can help you identify your target population and criteria, apply for facility licensure, and State Medicaid waiver programs. We strive to provide you with highly personalized services tailored to meet your specific needs.


We offer comprehensive branding services to create a unique identity for your healthcare business. Our experienced team of graphic designers and marketing strategists will work with you to create a brand that reflects the values of your healthcare business. We can create a logo, website, and all of your marketing materials to help you reach your target market and promote your healthcare facility.


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