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Migrate to the AWS Cloud

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Amazon Web Services (AWS) and AWS Partners have the tools to help businesses assess, plan, and support their migration to the cloud, saving time and money. Improve flexibility, reliability, and business continuity with a cloud that is always up to date, diminishing the downtime associated with implementing changes on aging infrastructure.

The Benefits of Migration

Infrastructure Modernization

Modernize your infrastructure and IT footprint.  Design an agile, secure architecture to help  your business realize efficiencies while minimizing IT cost.

Data Modernization

Modernize your databases to satisfy demand for increasing data volume.  Gain the flexibility to scale up and down, increase processing power, and lower operating costs.

 Applications Modernization

Gain extra muscle in   your CRM or ERP applications, improving availability, agility, performance, and boost innovation capacity. 

Learn How Small & Medium Sized Businesses Leverage AWS Cloud for Growth

You don't have to be a large enterprise to migrate your business to the cloud.  Many small-to-medium sized business are unlocking new potentials when they migrate or (even better) start out in the AWS cloud.  

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Migration Solutions Guide

Download our free Migration Solution Guide to see how we can help take you to the cloud. 

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Our Strategy:
A Structured Approach

Migration Assessments

We analyze the costs of current IT infrastructure, identify business goals and potential outcomes, evaluate corporate database workloads, assess correlations between apps and databases, and evaluate corporate readiness for operating in the cloud.

How We Define Migration

As many small-to-medium sized business lack current IT infrastructure or a digital footprint, our approach is focused on developing and migration to the AWS cloud.  This strategy includes rehosting- a simple migration with no code changes, replatforming- migration with a few, very simple optimizations, refactoring- app rearchitecting with cloud-born features, and purchasing/re-purchasing- a full adoption to a new SaaS solution.

Migration Planning

Our unique planning method starts with Identifying fundamental components to migrate.  We will then forecast cloud computing resources that will be used.  A deployment model will be selected along with a compatible AWS and third-party migration tool.  Lastly, we will use the assessment data to estimate migration costs, KPIs, and TCO.

Migration Execution

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Once careful assessment an planning is complete we go to work, modernizing software.  This may include a redesign effort for cloud readiness.  We provide your business with an AWS architecture proof of concept.  Additionally, we configure your infrastructure, automate processes, migrate data and apps (licensed products, databases, DWHs, etc.).  Lastly, we perform a detailed functionality testing and performance audit.

Ongoing Support & Maintenance

You are never alone.  Once the migration is complete, CCJM Solutions will be there every step of the way as your companies Cloud Center of Excellence.  Our ongoing services include; 24/7 support, implementing monitoring tools for resource utilization, regulatory compliance evaluations, penetration testing to strengthen security, and on-going consulting to keep you in the know about new updates and future developments.

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Migration Assessments: The First Step in your Cloud Migration Journey 

The earlier you start in the cloud, the better.  The AWS cloud gives your company the ability to scale as you go.  The flexibility in AWS "pay-as-you-go" model lends affordability and access to small business, helping you to get off to the right start.  Already have a IT infrastructure and digital footprint?  No worries.  We assess your companies migration readiness and provide you with a detailed roadmap and migration strategy.  All possibilities start with a Migration Assessment. 

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Windows Based Migrations

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