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Our Medicaid Waiver Consultation & Report provides clients with a comprehensive understanding of the Medicaid Waiver programs that are available in their state. We help clients identify the best options for their business model and provide detailed instructions on the application process. Our reports give clients the information they need to make informed decisions and to apply for Medicaid Waiver programs.

What you will receive:


  1. A Detailed Medicaid Waiver Report including waiver services your facility can bill for, billing fee schedules for each service, and detailed application instructions.  
  2. Two 45-minute Consultations- one before and another after the report has been completed with one of our seasoned consultants. 
  3. Recommendations - Our consultants will provide recommendations based on the population you serve for additional funding types and services for your facility. 


We are here to help you maximize your facility's earning potential through Medicaid billing.  Not only can we help you apply for the Waiver program, but we can also help you with billing through our partner network.  


We provide reporting and consulting nationwide.




  • Once your order is processed, you will receive an email with a link to set up your initial consultation.  If you do not receive this email within one (1) hour please email us at and we will get your consultation scheduled right away. 
  • Due to our current promotion, our current turnaround time is 5-7 business days after the initial consultation.  Expedited service (3 days) is available upon request for a fee of $129.
  • To help us begin your report ASAP, please email a copy of your Mission Statement, and Admission Criteria to  If you don't have this information yet, it is ok, we can help. 


Medicaid Waiver Consultation & Report

  • Our reputation means everything to us.  We pride ourselves on operating with ethics and honesty.  We guarantee that your Medicaid Report will be delivered within the specified timeframe or we will refund your money back.  

  • Please know that as we strive to operate with dignity and ethics, we expect the same from our valued clients.  Please understand that once your order is submitted it goes to our consultant desk for immediate review.  For this reason, we do not issue refunds EXCEPT in the case we fail in our Money Back Guarantee to you and your business.

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