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Telehealth on AWS

Providing Exceptional Patient Interactions

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Revolutionize Your Healthcare Operations with CCJM's Telehealth Solutions on AWS

In today's fast-paced world, healthcare needs to be accessible, efficient, and adaptable. CCJM Solutions, a Select Tier, Public Sector Partner with AWS and an Amazon Connect Specialist, brings you cutting-edge Telehealth Solutions powered by Amazon Web Services.

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Scaling, Innovating, and Enhancing Patient Care

Deploying telehealth solutions on AWS unlocks a realm of benefits. With AWS services and solutions supporting real-time voice and video communications, cutting-edge artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities, and personalized experiences, you gain the ability to scale, innovate, and enhance both patient and care provider experiences to the fullest extent.

Facilitate access to high-quality healthcare

When patients cannot physically visit the clinic, CCJM Solutions' telehealth solutions on AWS offer an efficient means to reach patients in their own location.

Facilitate prompt and critical healthcare

CCJM Solutions can construct a telehealth solution utilizing AWS services, empowering physicians to deliver remote care both during and in the aftermath of a healthcare emergency.

Enhance healthcare provider efficiency

CCJM Solutions, in conjunction with AWS telehealth technology, streamlines the healthcare process by enabling self-service pre-screenings, automating the exchange of health information, and aiding in diagnostics. 

Lower the total expenses in healthcare.

Through video consultations and remote patient monitoring, telehealth solutions on AWS minimize hospital readmissions and the necessity for subsequent in-person visits.

Case Studies

Organizations that chose CCJM Solutions for their Amazon Connect needs.

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MedStar Health & Telehealth on AWS

Explore how MedStar Health, the leading non-profit healthcare provider in the Maryland and Washington, D.C. area, established a telehealth contact center through Amazon Connect. This center assists clinical staff in delivering remote patient care.

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